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Project Management Professional Education

Project Management Professional Education

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Last Updated February 9, 2012

Project management education may provide you with today’s most in-demand business skill set. Organizations of all sizes see tremendous value in achieving their objectives through projects – so there is great demand for qualified project management professionals. Opportunities in this exciting and challenging field can be found in finance, construction, biotech, telecommunications, manufacturing and a host of other industries, close to home or around the globe.

What Do Project Managers Do?

Unlike department managers, who oversee particular areas of a business, project managers are responsible for all aspects of a time-limited, specific business initiative. Some examples:

  • Launching a new product for a pharmaceutical firm
  • Developing a new mobile application for a telecommunications company
  • Implementing an internet-based banking system for a financial institution
  • Standardizing testing procedures for an environmental organization
  • Rolling out a new brand for a global retailer

Depending on the industry and specific initiative, project managers may put together teams of personnel from a number of departments, such as information technology, purchasing, product development, marketing or distribution.

Project management professionals oversee projects from the planning stage, through implementation, testing and reporting. They typically choose and manage the project team members, and are ultimately responsible for the project’s success or failure, based on objectives set by project stakeholders. Success may depend on whether the project is completed within the financial budget allocated or the established time frame – or whether it is completed at all.

All project management professionals need excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Strong leadership and multitasking abilities, as well as a knack for scheduling and finance, are also valuable attributes for success as a project manager.

How Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Can Advance Your Career

Today’s top corporations compete in a more complex business environment than ever before. Employers need to know that the project managers they hire are fully qualified to lead their most important business initiatives. Therefore, most major companies and countless small- to mid-sized firms require project management certification.

The most widely-recognized and respected credential in the profession is the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI developed industry standards to ensure businesses that certification holders have pursued project management education and can demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and skill.

Certification in project management validates your ability to lead business projects and earns you the respect of peers and employers. And, with the PMP® credential on your résumé, you’ll have greater confidence to compete for top project management positions. Earning your project management certification online can be the key to advancing in your career, reaching your goals and a higher salary potential.

Online Certification Training for the PMP® Exam

If you’re ready to take the next step forward toward certification in project management, Villanova University’s online training courses could be a perfect fit. You can prepare for career-enhancing certification in project management through Villanova’s convenient online PMP® Exam Prep course, with the scheduling flexibility your busy life requires.

Online project management training can increase your skills and expand your knowledge of key concepts, such as:

  • Developing a project management plan
  • Understanding the role of the project manager
  • Applying the project life cycle in daily operations
  • Estimating activity resources
  • Identifying stakeholders and planning communications
  • Understanding project risk management and minimization techniques

Professional online certification training fits right into your busy schedule, while giving you valuable skills you can immediately put to work. Professional project management education will also prepare you for the PMP® certification exam. It’s your path to the industry’s most respected and recognized project management certification.

PMI Certification in Project Management Can Boost Your Career

Villanova’s individual online project management certificate courses and multi-course certificate programs give project management professionals like you the tools and techniques you need to compete for top positions and earn industry-recognized certification. Professional project management education can also give your confidence – and your salary potential – a much-needed boost.

Project Management Professional (PMP) and PMP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.