8-Week Course
8 Continuing Education Units
62.00 PDUs
80 Military Clock Hours

About the Course

Intended for a project manager with experience, this course builds upon the fundamentals explored in Essentials of Project Management. It focuses on strengthening skills previously developed and expanding skills to explore more advanced topics like: leadership, project performance management and the core competencies of project management.

Advanced study includes plan development and performance management to aid in project planning, scheduling and measuring results. Interpersonal or soft skills are emphasized throughout to ensure project-management success through people-management success.

Prerequisites for this course:

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8 Week Course
Week 1
Project Plan Development
  • Identify the key documents used to initiate and plan a project
  • Differentiate between a project management plan and project documents
  • Discuss project charters and case studies
  • Categorize stakeholders and develop a stakeholder register
  • Describe how to document and manage requirements and create requirements documentation
  • Create a project scope statement, a work breakdown structure and a quality management plan
Week 2
Project Plan Development, continued
  • Identify the steps and activities necessary for effective scheduling and develop a critical path method schedule
  • Complete an estimating worksheet
  • Create a communication plan, a project management plan, a risk management plan and a performance measurement baseline
  • Respond to identified risks
  • Define the procurement process and create a procurement management plan
Week 3
People-Based Project Management
  • Work with different temperaments and personality types among team members
  • Discuss how different personality types among team members can improve the project
  • Discuss the importance of communication in project management
Week 4
People-Based Project Management, continued
  • Identify how to maximize someone’s influence during project planning and initiation
  • Manage the flow of information during a project
  • Identify key metrics and avoid misusing metrics
  • Discuss the importance of obtaining project sign-off at delivery
  • Discuss different communication types and guidelines to follow when dealing with issues
Week 5
Project Performance Management
  • Create a project management culture
  • Analyze and identify the various maturity models
  • Discuss the ROI methodology
  • Discuss how to collect and analyze data in an ROI evaluation
  • Discuss how to report findings in an ROI evaluation
Week 6
Project Performance Management, continued
  • Discuss the executing processes
  • Identify monitoring and controlling processes
  • Calculate a project’s earned value and its cost and schedule indexes
  • Calculate an Estimate to Complete, an Estimate at Completion and a To-Complete Performance Index
  • Discuss how to recover a project that is over time and budget
Week 7
Practical Project Management
  • Improve their emotional intelligence
  • Discuss the two models used to identify emotions
  • Identify emotions in others and use emotions to solve problems within projects
  • Discuss how a leader should behave in a project environment
  • Identify the 11 factors of team health and the 13 behaviors that lead to trust
  • Discuss ways to handle stress
Week 8
Practical Project Management, continued
  • Discuss effective motivational strategies and tactics
  • Discuss the People Capability Maturity Model
  • Manage diverse and inclusive teams
  • Manage gender issues in project management
  • Manage global project teams
Learning Objectives
Skills Learned
Project Management Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Risk Assessment Procurement Team Management Communication
What You’ll Study

Project Plan Development

  • Introduction to Project Plan Development
  • Collect Requirements
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure
  • Plan Quality
  • Develop Schedule
  • Estimate Costs
  • Plan Communications
  • Identify Risks
  • Plan Procurement
  • Scope Baseline
  • The Project Management Plan

People-Based Project Management

  • Communication and Personality Type
  • Personality in Teams
  • Creating a Project Management Culture
  • Project Management Maturity
  • The ROI of Project Management
  • Introduction to Maximizing Influence
  • Planning and Initiation
  • Project Execution
  • Metrics and Resolution

Project Performance Management

  • Direct and Manage Project Execution
  • Scope, Schedule and Cost Monitoring
  • Earned Value Measurement Methods
  • Variances and Indexes
  • Forecasting
  • Recovery Metrics and Responses

Practical Project Management

  • Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
  • Identifying and Understanding Emotions
  • Understanding the Project Environment
  • How Healthy is Your Team?
  • Corporate Trust
  • Stress Management
  • Motivating Project Teams
  • Motivational Strategies and Tactics
  • Developing a Coherent Plan
  • Navigating a Diverse Landscape
  • Managing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Gender and Project Management
  • The Global Landscape
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Who Should Register?

For the project management professional who understands the fundamentals explored in Essentials of Project Management and is seeking more advanced skills, both process-based and people-based.

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