8-Week Course
8 Continuing Education Units
58.25 PDUs
80 Military Clock Hours

About the Course

Strengthen your skills with the Essentials of Business Process Management course. During this 100% online certificate training course, you can gain a deep understanding of the benefits of BPM throughout your organization. This is the first course leading toward earning a certificate and Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM) certification and allows you to leverage critical concepts to manage process success.

The business process management (BPM) methodology identifies, evaluates and improves business processes, helping organizations reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, minimize errors and risk and become more agile. In this course, we define BPM, explain how and why it is used and examine best practices and pitfalls when using it. We explore in detail the six phases of the methodology and the metrics, tools and people used when carrying out BPM.

This business process management training course focuses on the overall benefits of BPM within an enterprise and the key business and technology drivers needed for overall proper alignment with essential business objectives. The course curriculum explains what qualities successful organizations possess and how to create winning BPM business cases. You’ll also leverage fundamental project planning and Lean Six Sigma tools that can help drive effective BPM projects and process management. Plus, you can learn critical BPM best practices and change management skills to become a process leader within your organization.

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8 Week Course
Week 1
BPM Overview
  • Course outcomes and overview
  • Introduction
  • BPM defined and goals
  • History of BPM
  • Business process concepts and organization
  • Case study
Week 2
Project Management and Process-Based Organizations
  • Project management overview
  • Process-based organizations
  • Rigid iron triangle
  • SWOT
  • Management by project
  • Project implementation and stakeholder analysis
  • Critical factors for project success
  • 7M tools
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge and project control
Week 3
Change Management and Managing Conflict
  • Change management overview and managing the commitment curve
  • The need for change
  • Organizational change management
  • Change management profile
Week 4
Business Architecture and Six Phases
  • BPM and business architecture
  • Overview of the six phases
    • Assessment phase
    • Design phase
    • Modeling phase
    • Implementation phase
    • Monitor phase
    • Modification phase
  • Pitfalls of BPM projects
  • Center of excellence
Week 5
  • Lean leadership
  • Why Lean leadership
  • Formal and informal Leadership
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communication plan
  • Leading effective change
  • Action plan for driving Change
  • Paradigm shifts
Week 6
Data Based Decision Making
  • Value of data analysis
  • Central role of data and collection methods
  • Graphical analysis
  • Advanced evolution of process mapping
  • Continuous flow
  • Process metrics
  • Process mapping example
Week 7
Lean and Six Sigma
  • Linkage of BPM, PM and LSS
  • Lean 101
  • Six Sigma overview
  • Basic Statistics
  • Cost of poor quality
  • Root cause analysis
  • History of Six Sigma
  • Voice of the customer
  • Critical to quality
  • Kano model
  • Pareto
  • Error proofing
Week 8
Innovation and Sustainability
  • Transferring the project
  • Developing SOP’s
  • Planning for continual improvement
  • Thinking outside the box
  • TRIZ methodology
  • Sustainability
  • The sustainability mindset
  • Sustainability action plan
Learning Objectives
Skills Learned
Process Management Project Management Change Management Leadership Project Implementation Organizational Management
What You’ll Study
  • BPM Overview
  • Project Management and Process-Based Organizations
  • Change Management and Managing Conflict
  • Business Architecture and Six Phases
  • Leadership
  • Data Based Decision Making
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Innovation and Sustainability
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Who Should Register?

Essentials of Business Process Management is ideal for professionals seeking to expand their operational knowledge while focusing on targeted improvements. This BPM training course is also beneficial to improvement team members, performance professionals, consultants and individuals seeking alternative career paths. This dynamic online course is designed to bring beginners up to speed on key concepts while helping seasoned professionals expand their business process management expertise.

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