8-Week Course
8 Continuing Education Units
49.25 PDUs
80 Military Clock Hours

About the Course

Master the skills to lead and manage business intelligence initiatives. This 100% online course is designed to provide you with advanced data analytics and modeling skills, along with the best Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) general BI program management skills needed to make sophisticated and effective business decisions.

Prerequisites for this course:

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8 Week Course
Week 1
Visualization and Design Best Practices
  • Provide examples of visual distinction
  • Present data using the Rule of Thirds and Fifths
  • Describe the uses and benefits of various visual charts and graphs
Week 2
Report Design
  • Discuss information-oriented, analysis-oriented, static, parameterized and formatted reports
  • Identify requirement focus areas
  • Analyze and document requirements
  • Describe the need for prototyping and iteration
Week 3
Dashboard Design
  • Discuss the significance of dashboards and how they are created
  • Identify variables which lead to bad dashboard design
  • Describe the common attributes of KPIs that are useful for dashboards
  • Discuss the tools used to design and manage iterations
Week 4
Performance Management
  • Discuss the symbiosis between BI and performance management
  • Explain the significance of strategy creation
  • Identify common issues with budgeting
  • Describe the design process of balanced scorecards and common implementation pitfalls
Week 5
Predictive Analytics
  • Discuss the significance of predictive analytics and offer a brief history
  • Compare predictive, descriptive and decision models
  • Identify working examples of predictive models
  • Discuss the significance of analytic tools
Week 6
SQL and MDX for BI
  • Discuss the capabilities and syntax of SQL
  • Compare and contrast MDX and SQL applications
  • Discuss best practices for MDX usage
Week 7
ETL Best Practices
  • Explain the process of extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) and describe its benefits
  • Discuss ETL implementation and management best practices
  • Identify the components of ETL
Week 8
Production Support
  • Discuss the necessity for multiple environments and the role of each one
  • Identify the characteristics of a development, test and production environment
  • Discuss the development of training curriculums
  • Discuss BI capability deployment best practices.
Learning Objectives
Skills Learned
Agile Analytics Artificial Intelligence Change Management Financial Planning Performance Management Reporting
What You’ll Study

Report Design

  • Types of Reports and Scenarios
  • Gathering Agile Requirements
  • Prototyping and Iteration
  • Data Visualization Best Practices

Dashboard Design

  • Types of Dashboards and Scenarios
  • Best Practices in Dashboard Design
  • KPIs/Metrics
  • Understanding Interactivity
  • Gathering Agile Requirements
  • Prototyping and Iteration

ETL Best Practices

  • ETL Best Practices
  • Re-Usable Components
  • Testing Procedures
  • Transformation Management
  • Impact Analysis and Data Lineage

Production Support

  • Development/Testing/Production Environments
  • Change Management Procedures
  • Training Approaches
  • Deployment Best Practices

Predictive Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Modeling Overview
  • AI and Machine Learning-based Approaches
  • Regression Models

SQL and MDX for Business Intelligence

  • Understanding the Relationship Between MDX and SQL
  • MDX Introduction, Cube Concepts, OLAP
  • Best Practices in MDX vs. SQL Usage

Performance Management

  • Performance Management Introduction
  • Financial Planning – Top-Down and Bottom-Up
  • Planning Beyond Finances
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Scorecards vs. Dashboards for Business Performance Management
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Professionals and business leaders looking to strengthen their strategic, tactical and operational knowledge of BI program management and architecture can benefit from this advanced course. Taught by experts in the BI industry, students will delve deep into topics such as data modeling, technical architecture, predictive analytics and best practices.

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