8-Week Course
8 Continuing Education Units
56.75 PDUs
80 Military Clock Hours

About the Course

In today’s ever-changing business environment, HR managers and executives are responsible for more than just hiring and firing — they are involved in organizational change initiatives, efforts to shape organizational culture, strategic planning, complicated employee dynamics and overall performance that helps drive the organization’s success. In this comprehensive eight-week human resources course, you’ll learn to balance operational and functional needs with the strategic goals of your employer.

Mastering Organizational Effectiveness provides HR professionals with a more comprehensive understanding of organizational systems in order to better leverage the connection between employees and business goals. You will identify ways to explore the behavior of the organization as a whole, the groups and individuals within it and those elements that can contribute to an effective work environment. You can benefit from an interactive online learning environment that provides valuable summaries by instructors, case studies from some of today’s well-known organizations, critical tips for immediate use on the job and other important and helpful learning approaches.

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8 Week Course
Week 1
Organizations and Organization Design
  • Explore the various types of organizations
  • Identify the dimensions of organization design
  • Identify ways to measure the dimensions of organizations
Week 2
Linking Strategy with Organization Design and Effectiveness
  • Discover the link between strategy and organization design
  • Identify ways to assess organizational effectiveness
  • Explore organizational effectiveness approaches
  • Discover the fundamentals of organizational structure
Week 3
Organizational Structure and the Environment
  • Identify the elements of an organization’s environment
  • Explore ways to adapt to an organization’s changing environment
  • Discover the import and impact of interorganizational relationships
  • Discover organization design for the international environment
Week 4
Important Elements of an Organization’s Internal Design
  • Discover the various influences of today’s information technology structures on organization design and effectiveness
  • Explore organizational performance and the balance scorecard approach
  • Evaluate the impact of growth on organizational effectiveness
  • Describe the stages of an organization’s life cycle
  • Discuss organizational decline and downsizing
Week 5
Organizational Culture, Values, and Change
  • Explore organization design and culture
  • Discuss the import of building a healthy, ethical and changeable organization
  • Understand the strategic role of innovation and change in organizations
  • Identify ways to successfully navigate change in organizations
Week 6
Organizational Decisions and Change
  • Identify organizational decision-making approaches
  • Discuss organizational decision-making processes in times of change
  • Discuss the concepts of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Explore how to think about, leverage and accommodate the differences and similarities among employees
Week 7
Individual and Group Dynamics
  • Describe elements and means of effective communication and obstacles that hinder it
  • Identify characteristics of teams and discuss ways to leverage and work with the benefits and challenges that teams present
  • Define conflict and identify sources of it in the workplace with examples of both positive and negative outcomes
Week 8
Conflict in Organizations
  • Explore interdepartmental conflict in organizations
  • Identify effective ways to handle conflict
  • Discover the role of power in organizations
  • Explore political processes in organizations
Learning Objectives
Skills Learned
Business Strategy Innovation Change Management Performance Evaluation Diversity and Inclusion Communication Team Management Conflict Resolution
What You’ll Study

Organizations and Organization Design

  • Various Types of Organizations
  • Dimensions of Organization Design

Linking Strategy and Organization Design and Effectiveness

  • Strategic Direction and Organization Design
  • Organizational Effectiveness Approaches

Organizational Structure and the Environment

  • The Organization’s Changing Environment
  • Organizational Design and the International Environment

Important Elements of an Organization’s Internal Design

  • Technology and Organization Performance
  • Organization Size, Life Cycle and Decline

Organizational Culture, Values, and Change

  • Organization Design and Culture
  • Innovation and Change in Organizations

Organizational Decisions and Change

  • Organizational Decision Making in Times of Change
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Individual and Group Dynamics

  • Elements of Effective Communication
  • Elements of Effective Teams

Conflict in Organizations

  • Individual and Interdepartmental Conflict in Organizations
  • Power and Politics in Organizations
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Who Should Register?

While this course is designed for human resource professionals, others involved with hiring or managing employees can also benefit including: managers, executive assistants and those who want to advance their skills in the field of human resources.

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